About Us​

This is where event professionals thrive, create, learn & grow and where the Pikes Peak region finds the perfect event partners to create their event.

Pikes Peak Event Collaborative is a collection of event professionals from around the Pikes Peak region built on ethics, customer service & quality. Each collaborative member agrees to ethical and business standards to follow in their business. This allows you to have faith in the professionals sending you a proposal. We are here to serve our community with respect & professionalism.

Our Manifesto

We Believe:

It takes a village to create an amazingly successful event

Bringing like minded people together to create is powerful

Having a group of committed & ethical event professionals to connect with in one place is priceless

Taking customer service to the next level is the only way to do business

We all bring different but equal skills & knowledge to the table and we always learn from each other

Having a community to help pickup the pieces & duct tape, super glue or staple them back together at a moments notice is invaluable

Why Choose Us

Are you are looking for an event professional, vendor or service provider?

Each member of the Collaborative agrees to the business and ethical standards set forth by the members of the Collaborative. This should give you a sense of comfort in knowing you are hiring a true professional in the event industry. This is an opportunity for you to hire from a pool of experienced individuals committed to top tier customer service, highly ethical business practices and who care about their community.

Are you an event professional looking for a place to thrive, create, learn & grow?

This is where you will find your village of planners, venues, suppliers & vendors to collaborate with. We firmly believe it takes a village to succeed and thrive in business. Join our community and stop working in a silo.

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Where the Pikes Peak region finds event professionals. Where the Pikes Peak region's event professionals learn, grow & thrive.

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