Why Join The Collaborative

This is a place to learn, grow and thrive personally and in your business. We are all here to support each other because we know what it’s like to be in the service industry. We all have wonderful, fantastic days and we also have days where everything we touch goes to crap.

We are here for each other through it all. We thrive on community not drama, lifting each other up not tearing each other down and most of all building collaborative relationships. We all know it’s wonderful to work an event where all the vendor partners gel together. Let’s build that!

Benefits of Joining

  1. Quarterly socials where we get to know each other over a cocktail or a soda while snacking on great food.
  2. Quarterly training where we learn each others businesses and how we can make each other’s lives easier at events.
  3. Additional training on business concerns such as social media classes, inventory control, streamlining processes, etc.
  4. RFP service – All request for proposals submitted to the PPEC website from the Colorado Springs Community will be sent to Collaborative members.
  5. Building partnerships and collaborations with other members.

Cost of Membership

Currently it only cost $49.00 per year. That’s it, that’s all. -or- you can pay $5.00 per month.

You have to sign the Ethical & Business Standards set forth by the leadership team.

No drama llamas, negative Nelly’s or shit stirrers. This community is built to serve each other, lift each other up and make us all successful.

Join Now

This is your link to join the Collaborative and our online community. You will get to see all the other members, be able to communicate with each other, see upcoming Collaborative events and so much more…..

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